The Art of the Blog

A moderately notable author once observed, "None but a blockhead ever wrote, except for money."
Of course, he lived about 275 years before blogging tools came into being--tools that make it possible for just about anyone to get published, on just about any subject.

But just because you CAN fire up a blog...that doesn't necessarily mean you SHOULD. Here are some important considerations to keep in mind:

A precise focus is a MUST. What's the blog going to be about? Who's the target? Why would they be interested in following along?

Great writing is a big help, too -- content that says a lot with a little (750 words per entry, or less.)

Continuity also matters. It takes a lot of energy to post quality material, even a few times a week -- so if you're terrified by the thought of a blank screen (or page), the best bet might be to get some help from a pro...someone who isn't intimidated by regular deadlines.

Here's a blog we're writing on one of our favorite subjects --''found spirituality'.
Steadfast Spirit

And this is where our interest in blogging began -- with a daily reflection written during Lent 2013.