Skilled purveyor of love, life and spoiling...
I shouldn't be amazed to witness Gerri's world-class skill in grandmothering. It's just a natural extension of the talent she's shown in guiding and loving our family for close to four decades now.

A great life partner...

Among the many extraordinary blessings that Gerri brings into my life is her ability to plan outstanding vacations.

We LOVED our 2016 trip to Scotland and Ireland, where we encountered the windswept beauty of Cairngorms National Park (along with many other scenic wonders).

Grand Canyon, South Rim 2011
More stunning than it had to be: Seems like God is showing off...
The south rim of the Grand Canyon was one of our first stops on our 2011 trip to Arizona and Utah. The view was simply...Grand.
Antelope Canyon, 2011
Remarkable movement, captured in stone...
Antelope Canyon (near Page, AZ) provided opportunities for some stunning "art" photography.
Antelope Canyon, 2011
Sage brush still life, beneath the desert floor...
Another slot canyon just outside of Boulder, Utah, offered a quiet spot, well off the beaten path.
Been to Bryce?
In the early morning light, Bryce Canyon's hoodoos were gorgeous...ethereal.
A corporate writer benefits from time away from the keyboard, I've discovered: It helps clear the mind to have something other than a deadline looming over one's head.
So, do you like hoodoos?  It turns out Bryce has thousands of 'em -- more than you can shake a stick at.
Our 2009 trip to Rocky Mountain National Park was pretty cool, too...
Rocky Mountain National Park, Forest Canyon Overlook
Forest Canyon Overlook, RMNP, May 2009
Bear Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park
Bear Lake, Pre-Spring, 2009
We were exploring the park just before Memorial Day, so there was still plenty of snow on the ground at Forest Canyon Overlook. And plenty of beauty, too—both in the snow-capped mountains, and in the person of my daughter and my wife.

You simply don’t find stunning scenery like this anywhere in our home state of Missouri. But at Bear Lake, it’s just a couple hundred yards from the parking lot.

CorpWrite Cap, Forest Canyon Overlook
CorpWrite...On Top of the World
This, of course, is what passes for “marketing” at CorpWrite: A well-traveled logo cap, set against a spectacular vista.