A good walk spoiled...

...is reportedly the evaluation Mark Twain once applied to the sport I love. And after many of my rounds, I'm inclined to think he had a point. But I also know golf to provide an unexpected experience of the sublime at times.

Naturally, those occasions
tend to provide fodder for my blog.

Another thing I enjoy about golf: My summer league
is set up in teams—a much more forgiving format than the test-of-individual-skill which is a far more common way to play the game.


...and with teammates shouldering part of the load, I actually have a chance to earn braggin’ rights once in a while...

St. Joseph Golf League
2003 Golf League Champs
St. Joseph Golf League
And again in 2006...
St. Joseph Golf League
And 2008...

...Like at the end of the 2003 season…when we took first place, and I won my first-ever trophy (above left) to put in the Schroeder family trophy case, alongside those my kids had been collecting for the previous 20 years.

The next year, the league started a new tradition – the traveling trophy. Kind of like the NHL’s Stanley Cup, the St. Joe Golf League trophy now  spends a few weeks in the home of each member of that season’s winning team.

I thought it made a GREAT addition to our family room décor in 2006 (above middle)…


And I had a lot of fun showing it off in 2008, too – when I captained the championship squad (Above right. That’s me in the red cap.)

A year later, I grabbed this camera-phone shot of Frank—my 2009 captain and teammate—celebrating another League win.

St. Joseph Golf League
One more time, in 2009...
Aberdeen, Crescent, MO
Beautiful enough to take the edge off a double-bogey at the last.
But even when my team is not in contention for the League title, there's beauty to be found at Aberdeen (our home course) -- such as this spectacular sunset, enjoyed near the end of the 2011 season.