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Click on the link below to read about the first Kairos retreat ever to be held at a supermax prison facility.

Feeding the spirit...

Since 2003, I’ve been involved in bringing ACTS retreats—a Cursillo-based program of personal and parish renewal—to parishes throughout the St. Louis area.


In 2010, I participated on my first Kairos Inside prison retreat team, at the Menard maximum security correctional center in Chester, IL. I witnessed many astonishing things as a result of that weekend—not the least of which were the 2,000 dozen homemade cookies that many friends, neighbors and complete strangers made in support of the ministry.


The “bottomless bowl of cookies” is a Kairos tradition—meant to symbolize the depth of God’s love for each of us. And it was amazing to see all that love stacked floor-to-ceiling in our meeting room the weekend before Menard #1.

Cookies for Kairos Inside
Stacks of homemade cookies, as tall as I am!
Menard Correctional Center, Chester, IL
The Big House - Menard Penitentiary - surprisingly, a house of God.
Even a maximum security prison can be beautiful at times, if you know where to look.
Many hands make light work as team members sort thousands of homemade cookies for transport into the prison.