Compliments of CorpWrite

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'Routinely amazing...'

John Schroeder

If you've never used an "outside" writer before, you may not know what to expect. Well, here's what one brand new client had to say about the first speech I wrote for her:

"This was fantastic. I thought it was going to take a lot more work than it did, but the draft you put together was right on...I look forward to working with you again."


Another client--a longtime collaborator--said this about my first draft of a speech for his CEO:


"In this instance, John, I didn't publicize that you wrote the basic speech. On the other hand, I'm not claiming credit for the remarks, either. People can think what they think. As a writer to a writer, I apologize, but as a speechwriter to a speechwriter, we know how it goes. Essentially, 'we' wrote this speech.

As you know, though, I always recommend you 1st and foremost when somebody needs a writer... I really appreciate your help. Made a tough stretch tolerable for me."


The common thread? When you invite me in on a project, you get a problem-solver--not a prima donna. My goal is to help you get the message across, clearly and effectively.

And being able to draw on my deep experience as business professional? That's just a bonus, at no extra charge!

  • I've written sales meeting presentations and business speeches for dozens of companies (in almost as many industries), so I can get up-to-speed quickly on your issues and market dynamics.


  • I offer dependability in a crunch--such as the time when a good client took on a new job, and discovered that her CEO/boss was scheduled to speak at not one...not two...but three high-profile venues in a couple of weeks. She asked me to write the speeches, even though I'd never done work in her new industry before. Why? Because she knew I'd get the words right--and she could count on me for speed, reliability and insight, too.


  • I find power in patterns. A big part of the value I deliver is helping you "connect the dots" in unexpected ways--offering inventive opportunities to communicate, persuade, motivate.


  • I'm naturally curious about my clients' big ideas--even the ones that, to some, might seem incredibly esoteric. And I try to make sure that excitement shows in the work I do.


Outside the office...

Curriculum Vitae

My friend and business partner --  Bill Seyle  -- eased into retirement in 2017, leaving me profoundly grateful for the time we've spent together in this business. Bill generously mentored me from the get-go, showing how we could turn our uncommon speed, curiosity and writing skill into a viable model for our firm.

And when we weren't working "all-hands-on-deck" to meet a deadline, we always enjoyed bright and clever conversation, on topics ranging from life...and / or corporate lore. It's been a great ride!